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Ergo, he remaining performing just what the guy performed top, shifting together with informal strive (lucha)

Ergo, he remaining performing just what the guy performed top, shifting together with informal strive (lucha)

But to go out of a relationship with our “fun girls” (chicas divertidas, girls for an enjoyable experience which have) – just like the ­Aurelio shortly after put it writing about the same price – to a romance having a great “severe girl” (chica seria), was not easy

27 When speaking of their aspirations in relation to relationship that have visitors women, Umberto repeatedly explained you to definitely like was exactly what he hoped-for, to locate an enjoyable lady the guy thought at ease with and might setup a family together with her, possibly have some children, it does not matter where nation, abroad. Umberto was regularly bringing currency and you can gifts out of their Eu girlfriends, if in case I asked him as to why he kept in search of the fresh people and you will wasn’t quite happy with those he’d, he answered having an ironic, almost bad smile – because if accepting his inner problems and you can contradictions – you to definitely “money does not slide on sky” (el dinero no cae del cielo). He was dealing with that their relationship got ups and you can lows, and you may don’t provide one secure mental and you can financial perks that will appease your and enable your to stay set and you may pleased with exactly what he had. Umberto got numerous Cuban girlfriends too, relations that he cultivated plus thanks to the tips that he had away from visitors. He said one to within his society, a limited and you may apparently worst part of Havana, if you had 5 CUC (just as much as 5 USD) you can “shag an educated younger mangoes” (stunning girls) that were as much as. Attracting once again with the Wilson (1969), we could possibly believe that which was at stake here has also been an individual’s ability to move from a respect program considering profile (a number of sexual feats with quite a few chicas divertidas) to 1 off respectability (a beneficial ily life with a good chica seria).

As the Umberto told me, the favorable, serious dating he once had which have an effective Cuban lady had been damaged when their unique family relations been whining and you will criticizing Umberto’s lifestyle, and a lot more eg their promiscuous matchmaking which have overseas female

28 Just after more 10 years connected having tourist feminine, Umberto try now seeking a great “severe people” (la persona seria), a foreigner who does get seriously the possibility of having an effective long-term, love experience of him. Go against the brand new persona seria is actually the fresh new bandolera (litt. bandit): an individual who was just seeking sex, enjoyable, and you will short-name satisfaction on exceptional physique of the getaway as opposed to bringing any longer-label partnership – as many tourists looked about inclined to manage at this time, roughly the latest grievance ran. New bandolera critique is a bit widespread among men I frequented, who sometimes ran in terms of qualifying particular travelers female given that sexual exploiters. Which reproach you can expect to gather with resentment to your blessed economic reputation of folk. When it comes to so it last area, my informants had a tendency to retort one any tourists may think of the economic energy and you may just what it you’ll afford her or him, each of their money couldn’t make them, neither lead the decisions and you may choice.

30 Happily telling a buddy why he’d busted their encouraging reference to a great Spanish woman, Manuel, which often boasted from the their manly attributes, is lapidary within his responses: “As they have some currency, they think capable carry out what they need: visit hell We tell them! You realize I’m harsh [soy un bruto].” Furthermore defiant was basically the brand new opinions from Carlos, an effective Rasta in the very early sixties have been with the and you may away from during the a relationship with a very rich German woman getting more than a decade, along with finally parted together, frequently along with due to conflicts more than their spending a lot of time and money together with Cuban family relations. As he unburdened the his rage and you will boasted his intransigent manly feelings, he advised Ernesto and you can me check this site out personally:



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