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The beauties of biography: a selection of the lives of eminent men, carefully digested from correct and approved publications; . Illustrated with several heads,

He was born in Lybia, near Egypt. Eusebius, bishop of Nicomedia, a great favourite of Constantia, sister of the emperor Constantine, and wife of Licinius, became a zealous promoter of Ari­anism. He took Arius under his protection, and introduced him to Constantia; so that the sect increased, and several bishops embraced it openly. There arose, however, such disputes in the cities, that the emperor, in order to remedy these disorders, was obliged to assemble the council of Nice, where, in the year 325, the doctrine of Arius was condemned. Arius was banished by the emperor, and all his books were ordered to be burnt, and capital punishment was denounced against whoever dared to keep them.

  • He had a bust erected to him, and an epitaph, written by himself, inscribed upon his tomb.
  • From the place of his birth, an eminent historical painter, was born in the year 1494.
  • Of carnal pleasure procured, was bound to rob the customary manner of sexual indulgence of the charm of novelty, and to set the depraved imagination of the voluptuary at work to solve the problem of how to import manifold variations into the simple act of copulation.
  • Mean time, Abou Dahab conquered Yemen, deposed the scheriff of Mecca, and substituted in his place emir Abdalla, who, to pay his court to Ali, gratified him with the title of Sultan of Egypt.
  • Star’s Vestige, “A slick blade somehow born from the remnants of a dying star.”
  • These, however, shew, that in antiquities he had few equals, and no superiors.

When xcriticalnso being advanced with a fresh party, was attacked by some of the enemy who lay in ambush, and in this dangerous situation signalized himself by his courage, having fought with great intrepidity till break of day, when his brother Francis came to his assistance. The Portugueze then put the enemy to flight, pursued, and slew a great number of them. I. The Difference between an absolute and limited Monarchy, as it more particularly regards the English constitution; being a treatise written by Sir John Fortescue, knight, lord chief justice, and lord high chancellor of England, under King Henry the Sixth; faithfully transcribed from the MS. copy in the Bodleian library, and collated with three other MSS. [See our judge’s preface, xxxvi.] published with some remarks by John Fortescue Aland, of the Inner Temple, Esq. Reprinted, with amendments and an index, 1719. This was published under the inspection of the editor.

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It can scarcely be said that even a beginning has been made so far towards writing the History of a Disease in the indicated sense; and besides this, diseases have been primarily selected for consideration in which the historical factor obtrudes itself, as it were, on the attention, to wit the epidemic diseases. For the rest hardly anything at all has been done, excepting only in the case of Leprosy and the Venereal Disease, for which with singular unanimity an epidemic character has always been claimed. The Proteus-like character of these Maladies hindered every attempt of speculation to penetrate their nature, and so enquirers saw them- selves forced to consult History. If we would undertake to write the history of a Disease, the very first thing needful is to frame in one’s own mind a clear conception of what the History of a Disease in a general way is, for it is from a right preliminary conception, that the right conditions will follow which a Historian as such is bound to fulfil.

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Upon this, Colgrin retired with the remains of his army into York, where Arthur besieged him, and while he lay before the place, Cador Duke of Cornwall defeated Baldulph the brother of Colgrin, who with six thousand men came to his relief. The King however could not take York; for Cheldric, or Cerdic, King of the Saxons, landing in Albania, i.e. By his Lady Arabella this noble person had no issue; but that he still preserved a warm affection for her memory, appears from hence, that he called one of his daughters by his second wife, Frances, daughter and co-heiress of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, Arabella Seymour.

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(But such an incision having greater length than breadth, the length should be diagonally to the groin, not in the line of the direct diameter of the limb. For in this way the skin is naturally folded over itself, when patients bend the limb). In some instances ulcers lead to a morbid growth at the orincium ani, that must be obviated by means of pipettes of lead. L In other cases rhagades and ulcers lead eventually to morbid outgrowths. 1 The uterine speculum is Paulus Aegineta, bk. Chs- mentioned by Aetius also chs. As also by Paulus Aegineta, ch.

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And if young men suffer from it, they are bound to grow old in constitution and condition, sluggish, relaxed, lifeless, hes- itating, dull of hearing, weak, shrunken, ineffectual, pallid, white, womanish, without ap- petite, chilly, heavy of limb, and stiff of leg and palsied in every part. This complaint is the avenue to paralysis for many; for how should this power of the nerves not suffer when the natural parts per- taining to the generation of life are chilled). Relieved, or else general spasms.

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In 1772, when the dissenting mi­nisters had formed a design to procure an enlargement of the tolera­tion act, Dr. Amory was one of the committee, and extremely zealous in the scheme, being convinced in his mind of the natural justice of the measure. He continued indefatigable in the service of the dissenters until the last, and expired on the 24th of July 1774, in the 74th year of his age. It is said that he died of an apoplexy. He wrote several pieces; as, 1. He formed to himself a new system of religion, which, according to the Abbé Pluguet, he thus explained.

He also wills, that his execu­tors should build ten alms-houses in the parish of St. Botolph, Bishops­gate, and the like number in the parish of St. Saviour, Southwark, for the poor of these respective parishes, to be likewise members of the said college. D’Alembert died on the 29th of October, 1783. There were many amiable lines of candour, modesty, disinterestedness, and benefi­cence, in his moral character; which are described, with a diffusive de­tail, in his eulogium, by M.

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A race of peaceful, peace-keeping humanoids from an icy world. A race mod created originaly by Djinn, revived by the community. High DPS and fire rate, offset by average accuracy, slightly higher energy consumption rate, and low knockback. Overrides the vanilla Mother Poptop inside mines with a stronger one that also has a second stage to make things a little more…interesting….

  • He had always the interest of his college at heart, whereof he was an excellent governor.
  • Attention therefore was naturally directed to the effort to make the admission of the contagion and of matters having deleterious effects as difficult as might be.
  • But it is not in gonorrhoea only that these phaenomena appear ; they have been noted as well in chancre, being then ascribed to the sublimate of mercury and looked upon as affording a criterion that the drug had exercised its full effect on the original complaint.
  • To make the latter, necessarily perished on their decease, or at best were passed on by tradition to their successors in the doctor’s shops, without pro- fessional Physicians or medical Science being one whit advantaged.
  • But that written in his heart?
  • This is implied by the general sense of the whole passage.

This is a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. Climbing the walls is a different matter. Since you are gaining something by managing to get on there. I have a screenshot of two albs in the middle of the wall jumping away. This is the first time I’ve heard of this bug so I didn’t realise it was possible to actually get on the wall .

At the same time in virtue of the large number of counteracting influences they seldom attained to any high degree of intensity, and remained mostly local, taking the form of mucous discharges and superficial ulcers, without provoking any general reaction of the organism. Even when such reaction did occur, it was the skin that felt it, in such a way as to throw off the effects of morbid activity in the form of cutaneous maladies. To make the latter, necessarily perished on their decease, or at best were passed on by tradition to their successors in the doctor’s shops, without pro- fessional Physicians or medical Science being one whit advantaged. To such men it was a matter of perfect indifference what was the origin of the disease for which they sold their powders and decoctions, for as Plato (De legg. IV. 720) says, they paid no attention to the existing conditions of disease, and did not care to give a thought to any such thing. But at any rate, — and this was the chief point, — the patient was spared a humiliating confession, and was glad enough to buy the privilege even at the cost of possible ruin to his health. Such men by their constant change of abode made all continued observation a simple impossibility, so that the very imperfect knowledge possessed by the scientifically trained Physicians with regard to dis- eases of the genitals and their consequences need occasion little surprise.

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ARCHBISHOP of Dublin, in the reign of Henry VIII. Was educated in the university of Oxford; from whence removing to Cambridge, he took the xcritical degree of bachelor of laws. Dr. Wareham, archbishop of Canter­bury, sent him to the pope, about certain matters relating to the church.

He is said to have found fault with the structure of the mundane sys­tem, and has been charged with impiety on that score; but unjustly, for he only found fault with the involved system of some astronomers. He was dethroned by his son Sancho; and soon afterwards died of grief, A. Being now in the zenith of his preferment, and in a condition to do good service xcritical courses scam to the church, he applied himself to the task with the utmost zeal, and preached many excellent sermons in defence of the faith, against the archbishop of Meaux; who was then labouring to overturn the reformed religion, by seeming concessions to its professors. Some of his sermons were afterwards printed in Hol­land, and are deservedly commended by Bayle.



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